Yard & Coop – Afternoon Tea with a Twist

*gifted experience* I was recently invited to Yard & Coop with the NWBG to try one of their greatest inventions yet. Their fried chicken afternoon tea. When you think of afternoon tea, what usually springs to mind is sandwiches, scones and prosecco. Well, this is afternoon tea revamped and turned on it’s head. Are you ready?

Introducing 3 tiers of goodness…


Tier 1

The first tier came with a bed of chips smothered in a questionable, but surprisingly INCREDIBLE, combination of sauces – spicy sauce, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and blue cheese sauce. I know how that sounds, but trust me, its good. Chicken breast strips were laid on top of the potatoey saucy goodness and they were soooo good. One thing to note is that some of the girls found the sauce too spicy, so if you have a low tolerance to spice, maybe think about just getting the BBQ and cheese. However, I thought it was divineee and I’m definitely going to go back and try it again.

Tier 2

The second tier came with “Amaizeballs” which are deep fried sweetcorn balls and were super tasty (even vegetables are nice when they’re deep fried!) and some stuffing balls. Usually, the second tier would include the  Amaizeballs and Gunpowder Chicken, however, the stuffing is a hint at what’s coming next for the Yard & Coop afternoon tea…

Tier 3

The final tier was made for those who have a sweet tooth. As the afternoon tea is for 2 to share, it came with 2 cupcakes and a few brownies. Due to my savoury tummy being unbelievably full, my sweet tummy could only take one more thing, so I tried the brownie which was melt-in-your-mouth amazing. The chocolat-iest (is that a word?) brownie I could’ve wished for. So chocolatey that I had to take the cupcake home in a box, but that was also soon devoured shortly after I stepped through the doorway. I do feel like there could’ve been something more exciting to the last tier, but the desserts were still so good. And if it doesn’t satisfy your cravings? You can always order a dessert off the normal menu, or order a freak-shake cocktail (pictured below) which comes with an extra cake. Warning: food coma is inevitable upon consumption.




Although the afternoon tea will probably be enough to make you want to nap afterwards, Yard & Coop were kind enough to let us try a selection of their incredible sides too. I’d had a look through the menu prior to the event, and I had my heart set on the “loaded tatties” – tater tots smothered in cheese and chilli sauce. To my excitement, these came to the table along with a bowl of Mac n cheese, halloumi nuggets, feta and honey bites and a serving of sticky sprouts. The tater tots and the feta and honey bites were the ultimate showstoppers, whereas the sprouts weren’t really for me. Okay okay, I didn’t try them… but on a table full of cheesy goodness, can you blame me?


The Afternoon tea is £20pp and that also comes with a gin cocktail that you can choose from the extensive drinks list. I ordered a “Strawberry Flyer”, which was strawberry gin, lime, basil and tonic (but I asked for lemonade instead because I’m basic) and it was just the kinda refreshing drink I needed alongside the food. It also came in a huuuuge gin balloon, so you’re getting your moneys worth! I also ordered a “What’s Golden?” which was passion fruit, pineapple, orange and lime mixed up with 3 different types of rum. Essentially, a recipe for disaster, but a really tasty one. The cocktails are all priced between £8-£9, which is pretty pricey for Liverpool, but combined with the afternoon tea? You’ve got yourself a bargain.


Overall, the atmosphere in Yard & Coop was great, the staff were amazing and the food was out of this world. Not only is the space super aesthetically pleasing, they also have a games room complete with a dance machine, arcade games and a bath ball pit. What more could you ask for?

We were also let in on a little secret, that they’ll be creating a Christmas themed afternoon tea. That’s right, Yard & Coop have announced their “Dirty Santa Afternoon Tea”. Think bacon jam, chicken gravy, parsnip crisps, deep fried brie, sprouts, mince pies and chocolate yule cake. It’s all happening.

Finally, there are quite a few vegetarian options and you can replace every meal with chicken with breaded halloumi instead. On the other hand, the vegan front doesn’t look too promising, so that’s something they might be able to work on going forwards.

Thank you so much to Yard & Coop for having us, and to Katy Gilroy for organising this event!

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