Moving to a new city – The good, the bad and the lonely

So 3 weeks ago I packed up my life and moved to London. It’s been pretty surreal to say the least. Moving to a new city alone, leaving my friends, family, boyfriend and my habit of talking to strangers on public transport behind (if you’ve ever been on the tube you’ll understand). My whole life I’ve associated London with excitement, hustle and bustle, a city that never sleeps; so one of the hardest hurdles to crawl over was that London can actually be pretty lonely. Another obstacle I met was my inability to make friends, I mean there’s no manual on how to make friends when you’re 21 and alone (and if there is can somebody please enlighten me)! I’ve never necessarily had an issue with making friends, I like my own company sometimes but I whole heartedly prefer the company of others and for the first time in my life, I’d appeared to hit a wall.


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Not only this, I’ve also had to adapt to a new job. Working full time in a job where I actually appear to have some responsibility is quite the jump from attending university (staying in bed and pretending to go to university) and working part-time. Yes, it makes me feel like a functioning member of society but I’m not sure if I perceive that as a good or bad thing. One half of me is like ‘hey girl, you really wanted this job and you worked 3 whole ass years to get it’ and the other half of me is like ‘can we hide for a little bit longer before we have to enter the adult world?’.


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Adjusting to the costs of London life is also a whole other story. Anyone who has lived here or knows anyone that has will know the struggle is real. You have to give an arm and a leg just for rent and then after that, everything else you need is still extortionate. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing I work the majority of the time because I’d have to spend any other free time sitting in doing nothing because I’d be too poor. You wanna hear a funny story? I can’t even afford to pay for the WiFi in my apartment building so I log into the ‘guest access’ account EVERY 2 HOURS. That means if I decided to watch the extended version of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, I’d have to reset the WiFi THREE TIMES just to get through it. 21st century probs.


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But hey, this post isn’t all gloom and doom!! No ladies and gentlemen, there is an inch of optimism still left in me, would you believe it?Although my first week was such a struggle to settle in, London has most certainly grown on me. I work 5 days a week so I don’t get to see too much, but on my days off I always ensure to have an adventure and boy, does London have a lot to offer! I spent the first few days of my time here in an absolute state without realising how much beauty was on my doorstep… or like a 5 minute tube ride away… but whatever.


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Being a blogger in London also has its perks as there are cute instagrammable cafes on every corner and so many picturesque places to blog about (which I will get around to do doing eventually)! I already have a few posts lined up, and I have a million and one posts backtracked from summer too. However, lately I’ve found myself wanting to write about things that are a little closer to heart as my emotions have been all over the place since moving here. I would never want to scare anyone off from doing something like this because this is just the beginning for me and I know there’s so many amazing adventures to come! My point is, things like this can really test you and your mental health. It’s so so easy to give up and resort back to your comfort zone, but to quote something I read not too long ago and have tried to live by since, your comfort zone will kill you.


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Since being here, I have well and truly stepped out of my comfort zone, I’ve made an effort to visit new places and meet new people and attempted to fully immerse myself in London. This is something I never thought I would’ve done. If someone said to me a couple of months ago thatI’d be living on my own in London by November, I’d laugh.Of course I’m taking things one step at a time, but sometimes baby steps are okay. Whether I’ll stay here for 6 months or 6 years, I’m not sure yet. However, for now I’m just going where the wind blows me and living out this opportunity I’ve been given to fulfil my career in this amazing city.



In the meantime, I’m going to post my London bucket list on this post. Why? 1) So other people can take inspiration from it! 2) So it gives me some inspiration to do it too. I don’t ever want to have a day where I sit in alone and get upset and mopey, so my goal for the foreseeable future is to explore as much as possible. In 6 months to a year, I’ll check back and see how many I achieved. So here goes!


  • Visit Dolloway Terrace
  • Have a festive beverage at Peggy Porschens
  • See the deer at Richmond Park
  • Go to Harry Potter World (Okaaaay I’ve already been but I wanna do it again)
  • See the markets in Camden
  • Visit the Sky Garden
  • Have a picnic in Hyde Park (maybe when it gets a little warmer)
  • Go for a ride on an Afternoon tea bus
  • See the famous Abbey Road… and attempt to reenact it without being ran over
  • Visit Neals Yard
  • Little Venice!!!
  • Drink in a cosy pod at the Coppa Club
  • Have an eclair or 5 at Maitre Choux
  • See the Christmas decorations in Covent Garden
  • GO TO PADELLA PASTA (Probably the thing I’m most excited about)
  • See the neon lights at Gods own Junkyard
  • Visit the Freud museum to feed my inner psychologist
  • Have a doughnut from doughnut time
  • Try one of the most amazing looking hot chocolates from Said Dal 1923
  • Visit the Churchill Arms and see one of their seasonal displays
  • Winterville!
  • Hire out a bike for £2 for a whole 24 hours
  • Visit the Barbican
  • Go to Brick Lane!! I’ve heard good things about bagels, cereal cafes and vintage shopping. Oh and frozen margarita on tap?!
  • Winter Wonderland. Obviously.
  • Visit as many markets as possible: Borough, Spitalfields etc
  • SEE A SHOW!!! It would be rude not to in London.
  • Choccywoccydoodah
  • Ride the Eurostar

I’m sure there will be 100 other places added but that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


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