HUS Rooftop Rum Fest

I was lucky enough to get a blogger pass to the Rum Fest at HUS on their beaaaautiful roof terrace yesterday and thought I’d share with you guys what went down! HUS (which is only a 2-minute walk from Moorfields station) is a Scandinavian inspired bar and restaurant serving up everything from brunch to burgers and even has a fondue Sunday roast. How boss is that? They held their bank holiday rum fest this weekend and my sister Charlotte and I thought it’d be rude not to go for a tipple or ten, so that’s what we did. In true bank holiday spirit. Even though I work in retail.

The interior in HUS is just gorgeous, with wooden benches and tables and plants everywhere. As it’s a Scandinavian place, it’s pretty much like Ikea interior but just stepped up 5 notches. We got the lift to the terrace and received a free BBQ token (which is always a plus), then grabbed a seat on some beanbags. I’d been checking the weather all week and EVERY SINGLE DAY it said it was going to be super sunny on Sunday, and of course a thunder storm came last minute. I still felt like the weather was on our side though, ’cause it was humid as hell but the rain was refreshing af. Plus, by the time we’d had a couple of drinks there was no way a little rain was gonna rain on our rum parade.

Up on the terrace, there was a bar selling all kinds of drinks, then two other stands selling rum. One was a Bacardi stand and the staff were veeery generous, so we had our fair share of shots. Now, I’ve been told that Rum is gonna be the next big thing, and since Gin is now a no no for me, I was hoping I may be swayed towards the dark side. Unfortunately, dark rum is just not my thaaang so my sister ended up having about 8 shots because she had mine that I couldn’t stomach. I’m still a sucker for spiced rum though so I stuck to that and we just drank tropical juice and Bacardi and basked in the thunder storm! Ok, that sounds super strange but it was bliss.

Although the roof terrace was exclusive to the Rum fest for this Sunday, HUS had their official rooftop launch party a few days ago so it’s now officially open for Summer! It’s the perfect chill-out spot, has views for days of the city AND they have BBQs up there too, so if you’re ever near you 100% need to check it out.

After drinking copious amounts of rum, we then went for unlimited pizza at Santa Maluco and both fell into pizza/rum comas. I went for a ‘nap’ and woke up the next day… so basically it was the perfect end to a perfect Sunday.

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Thanks for reading!

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