Blooming Skull Coffee

At the moment my life feels like a constant cycle of work, uni and volunteering, and sometimes you need a break from your daily routine. Sooo I decided to try out blooming skull coffee as I’ve heard so many good things!

Blooming Skull Coffee is a veggie/vegan coffee shop located in New Ferry on the Wirral, and I have to say it’s a little out of place. It’s a gorgeous little cafe with gothic interior, something you’d expect to find on bold street rather than hidden away next to an Aldi. Nevertheless, it works and seems to be really popular!

I visited with my nan and sister, and we were greeted by two little dogs as we walked in! As I’d already seen on Instagram, Blooming Skull is very dog-friendly (seriously, go look at their Instagram and all the pretty dog pics) and who doesn’t love being blessed by their presence? We sat down and ordered a hot chocolate, cappuccino and a salted caramel latte, but the drinks selection was endless. The menu boasts copious amounts of tea of all different flavours, including various syrups that can be mixed and matched. Our drinks were beautifully presented and looked so cool!! They make the most of their latte art skills and also dust their coffees with chocolate skulls.

Their menu mainly consists of hummus and avocado, the two things so many people seem to LOVE. I, on the other hand, hate both of them (don’t judge me pls) so I had my eyes on the banana bread. However, my nan wanted to try a cake so we both opted for a chocolate raspberry tart. Little did my nan know, it was vegan, but she still ate the entire thing. I always find it crazy when I eat vegan desserts as you literally cannot tell the difference. To this day, the best cake I’ve ever tried was a vegan chocolate cake. On the Blooming Skull Instagram, their stories show that every single time they make the raspberry chocolate tart, it immediately sells out, and I’m not surprised! It’s soooo rich and chocolatey and is topped with juicy raspberries, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. My sister ordered hummus on toast with halloumi, tomatoes and Sriracha sauce. She said it was fab, and I stole some halloumi which was amazing (when does halloumi ever disappoint?).

The atmosphere of Blooming Skull Coffee is lovely too. It’s small but welcoming and suuuper aesthetically pleasing. When you walk in, there’s writing on the wall saying ‘support your local’ which I completely agree with! Starbucks may serve a nice frap but local companies can really add that personal touch. Blooming Skull also supports their local artists, as their walls are covered in work they’ve created (you can find the artists over on their Instagram). There’s also little book shelves so you can have a read whilst you get your caffeine fix, and there were a few people on laptops, so it seems like a pretty good workspace too.

You’re probably wondering ‘what’s with the name?’, well Blooming Skull explain the meaning behind this. Blooming is the process tea and coffee goes through when extracting. It hints at new life and new possibilities. Skull is a reference to the Latin phrase ‘Momento mori’, which means remember death. This is a reminder that we are all mortal and life is short, so we must enjoy life as if each day was our last. Take chances, chase our dreams, drink good coffee and tea, eat the cake. Be happy. Blooming Skull represents the only two inevitable things in the world: birth and death. What we do in between the two is up to us.

I didn’t intend to write a blog post about Blooming Skull Coffee when I first visited (hence the lack of pictures) but it seems like a place people should know about. I’m also going to start writing more food reviews so stay tuned! I promise they’ll make you drool, even a little bit.

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