Topshop Winter Haul and Styling

So, it’s been a month since my last post (whoops, sorry!) and I’ve been itching to write a new post for a while now. With the stresses of deadlines it’s difficult to blog AND write 2500 word essays every week. However, with stress, comes impulse shopping, and that can only mean one thing… you guessed it! A f*cking massive haul. To be more precise, a f*cking massive Topshop winter haul. Also, MY FIRST EVER HAUL!! So let’s get right into it.


I like to call this one “Monochrome Chic”…or “A collision of Parisian”… Too much? Okay I’ll stop. So I’m obsessed with simple styling at the moment and my favourite combination is monochrome paired with denim and a pop of red. Ever since I purchased this t-shirt, I’ve literally lived in it as it’s so easy to pair with some jeans or a leather skirt and still look on trend. I wanted it for so long and it was sold out online but I saw a maternity version in store and thought WHY THE HELL NOT, it’s cute and it’ll hide my food baby too. These jeans are the wide-leg crop jeans in the mid-blue shade and I am obsessed with them, although they are pretty short (my nan told me I was missing half of my jeans). I’ve paired them with a staple faux leather jacket and the most INSANE and photogenic boots ever. To finish off the look, a baker boy hat. ‘Cause you can never really go wrong with a baker boy hat, can you? A red beret would also look equally cool.

  • Mid Blue Cropped Wide Leg Jeans –
  • Bold Stripe Marl T-Shirt –
  • Mia Patent Leather Ring Boots in Red –
  • Faux Leather Biker Jacket –
  • Black Baker Boy Hat –


So this is more of a going out-out look, but as it’s December, the weather is baltic. So if ya wanna look classy, but don’t want to freeze to death, throw on a faux-fur jacket! This one is the light pink version of the Topshop faux fur luxe jacket, however, I got the tall version AND went up a size as I wanted it to drown me as much as possible (maximum warmness). I’ve paired it with this chainmail top which is perfect for dressing up an outfit, even if it’s just jeans and flats. It’s quite affordable (for Topshop) at £22 and screams “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”. This vinyl skirt is my current go-to for any occasion as you can dress it up or down depending on what you pair it with. I got the petite, not because I’m petite but because it was on promotion in store and I’m a cheapskate like that. But it’s now £25 in petite and regular online so swipe it whilst you can!! I paired the whole outfit with my trusty Alfie boots, which I have worn almost everyday since I bought them. They are super pricey but in my opinion, worth it.

  • Cracked Vinyl Zip Mini Skirt –
  • Chainmail Long Sleeve Silver Top -
  • Alie Buckle Boots –
  • Faux Fur Coat in Pink (SOLD OUT AT THE MOMENT) –


Next up is my favourite jumper EVER. Lilac is my favourite colour, but as pastels seem to usually stay in spring/summer, I’ve never found a good lilac jumper. UNTIL NOW. This is the comfiest thing ever and literally looks and feels like it’s just been knitted by my nan. I got mine in a size 14 as I wanted it to be oversized, AND it’s an oversized fit anyway, but it just makes it that much more comfy! I usually wear it with a leather skirt or the vinyl skirt, but it would look just as good with jeans. OKAY fine, the scarf is from asos not topshop, but it looks so cute paired with the jumper. The watch and the glasses aren’t either, but I’ll link them below. They just snook in too.

  • Cracked Vinyl Zip Mini Skirt –
  • Oversized Lofty Ribbed Jumper –
  • Asos Check Scarf –
  • Light Grey Yuke Glasses –
  • Olivia Burton Watch –


INTRODUCING MY FAVOURITE OUTFIT EVER. THIS GODDAMN SUIT. IS MY LIFE. So anyone who knows me, has either heard me talking about or seen me wearing it. This is the pink velvet suit of dreams. First off, velvet is the most christmassy material ever. Secondly, this dusky pink colour is surreal. Not only can you just wear the trousers and the blazer separately, you can wear them together to create a casual or dressy look. I think it’d look great dressed down with a baggy black tee or a band tee and trainers, or to dress it up, wear nothing underneath. Dress it up by dressing down, just apply tit tape and you’re ready to go. I also thought these snake skin boots looked *fire emoji* BUT they’re actually from last year. They’re sure to be knocking about on depop or eBay somewhere though!

This look deserved 3 pics.

I can only seem to find the links for the petite and tall versions of the jacket as they’re all out of stock but they should hopefully come back into stock soon!

  • Bonded Velvet Blazer –
  • Bonded Velvet Trousers –


To call this look anything but “the candy cane” would be a crime. Not only is this jumper THE Christmas jumper of the season, it’s the softest thing ever. It’s also turtle neck, meaning you can snuggle right into it on those cold winter nights. This went into the sale on Black Friday for FIFTEEN POUNDS but sold out straight away, when it came back in stock, it was £49 again. F*ck you Black Friday. Anyway, I gave in and added it to my wardrobe, ’cause treat yo’self. I paired it with the wide leg jeans and the red boots again for some cool YET CHRISTMASSY vibes.

  • Mid Blue Cropped Wide Leg Jeans –
  • Mia Patent Leather Ring Boots in Red –
  • Striped Mohair Jumper –


This tartan dress is such a fab addition to any wardrobe. It’s little bit preppy so I’ve decided to goth it up a bit. Although some people might, I felt way too uncomfortable wearing it on it’s own so I usually throw a black tee or black turtle neck on underneath. In this pic, I’ve paired it with docs and a distressed denim choker, however, you could class it up a bit with some heeled boots. Ever since buying this dress, I’ve also realised I may be colour blind. I see black, white and RED tartan. Every single person I’ve asked sees bright coral pink. So please, someone confirm what colour you see.

  • Check A-Line Pinafore Dress –
  • Marl Short Sleeve T-Shirt –
  • Doc Martens –


Finally, the last look of this haul is most risqué. I say this because when I was working the other day, a man walked past these dungarees and said to his wife “ey love these look proper bondage don’t they” and they laughed. For 5 minutes. NEVERTHELESS, I think they’re cool as hell. The first time I wore these, I paired them with a baggy plain white tee, vans and red lipstick. You could also dress them up with a top and heels. The only thing I’d say about these are that the legs are pretty long, but you can adjust them slightly using the eyelets.

Similar boots to the snake skin ones:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever haul! There will be way more to come as my shopping addiction worsens, stay tuned!

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